Cheerful Hour - Uplifting Stories
Restaurant patron shares random act of kindness to overwhelmed server
'So here's the deal. Our service tonight sucked. Took 20 minutes to get water, 40 minutes for an appetizer and over an hour for our entree.'...
By Debbie Guadan
Everyday Heroes
'Patriotic postman' photo has gone viral
Click on the image to see complete story...
By Nick Georgandis
Cheerful Hour - Uplifting Stories
Deputy goes above and beyond to help displaced family (video)
Deputy Brian Bussell is used to seeing people sitting in the jail lobby, but this time was different....
By Maximilien Weinstein
Cheerful Hour - Uplifting Stories
Deputy goes above the call of duty to help elderly man celebrate Valentine's Day
Deputy Donnie Wayne Gulley received a call about a 79-year-old man. What he did when he arrived at his front door is turning a lot of heads....
By Debbie Guadan
Cheerful Hour - Uplifting Stories
Stuart Edge surprises strangers with a Valentine's song (video)
The unsuspecting woman was going about her business when she is suddenly caught off guard....
By Kathy Finney
Cheerful Hour - Uplifting Stories
Beagle Returns Lost Items To Passengers At Amsterdam Airport
It's pretty common to lose things on the plane, especially after a long flight. However, Amsterdam has found the ultimate solution....
By Jing Chen
Cheerful Hour - Uplifting Stories
Stem cells from preemie newborn's umbilical cord help heal mother's leukemia (video)
Doctors advised Patricia Durante to terminate her pregnancy, but her baby wound up saving her life instead....
By Tiffany Orr
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